A registry key with melbourne it looks like an 8 character password but it is actually a login to access the AUTHCode. 

An Authcode will allow transferring to BSO. 

Login to Melbourne IT with the details provided. 

Click on the link the access the Authcode. Record this on the clipboard. 

Make sure you change the main email address to yourself, so you get the authorisation email to approve the transfer. This way you do not need to rely on the customer to applove the transfer. 

In our wholesaler dashboard, click on transfer domain. Add the domain and AUTHcode on your clipboard. If the domain name is close to renewal, it will prompt you here. 

BE CAREFUL it takes 48 Hours to complete the transfer and allow for a little bit of time for error. If the domain name expires during the domain transfer, WE CAN DO NOTHING untill the transfer is complete. So the website and email will be down. 

Complete the rest of the form, for .com.au it will ask for a ABN.

TPP will email authorisation to the email on file (this should you YOU). Follow the instructions here, it will advise of a 48 hour transfer window. 

Monitor the domain name to confirm the transfer is complete. Advise customer when the transfer has been done. 

IF the domain name doesn't transfer within the 48 Hour window, contact TPP wholesale. I find the online chat is brilliant.